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Are you Going Google?

Are you as frustrated, as many others are, with trying to create and get accepted for a Google Adsense account?

Do you struggle with optimizing your Google AdWords so that you can increase your click-thru-rate (CTR) while paying the lowest amount possible for clicks?

Do you have questions about the many other programs and solutions that Google offers?

If you said yes to any of these then this is the place for you!

Like so many others I have had to learn things the hard way - through many frustrating hours of trial and error, testing out new techniques and strategies.

I express deep thanks for your unfailing support, but most importantly, for our alliance.

Some have been great breakthroughs, and others have failed miserably, but all of them have been a great learning experience!

In these pages I have attempted to compile all that I know and have learned to help you, the struggling entrepreneur, the small business manager, or just the curious, learn more about the many resources and tools offered by Google.

These pages will constantly be a work in progress and will be constantly updated and revised so check back often more more insights and tips!

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